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The Crew

The Buckmen have a great team of people that work with them at each hunt! Meet the Buck Commander Crew! Grant Taylor, Jordan Summitt, & Mike Miller

Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor was born and raised in Huntsville, Texas, where he grew up hunting with his dad and brothers all around the state. Since joining the Buck Commander team in 2011, Grant spends a lot of his time in the office managing the business side of Buck Commander while the Buckmen tend to their day jobs. But when fall rolls around, he enjoys hitting the woods just as much as the rest of the crew, and does so any time he gets the chance. "There's never a dull moment with this bunch and hardly ever a day when it feels like work. I'm blessed to work with a great group of guys and have a blast doing it," said Grant. He lives in Duck Commander territory, West Monroe, La., with his wife, Katelyn, and their son, Judson.

Jordan Summitt

Born and raised in Arkansas, Jordan married Angila and then moved to Louisiana at age of 21 to pursue his dream of filming hunts.

He started his career as cameraman and editor for “Duck Commander.” It wasn’t long before Willie Robertson came to him with another idea – for a new series called “Buck Commander.” He wanted Jordan to take the lead role in production of that project.

"I wasn't a big deer hunter at the time, but I was ready for the challenge, and I knew if Willie was behind it all, then it would be big one day,” said Jordan. The “Buck Commander” line of DVDs took they country by storm with its crazy, fun style exhibited by the hunters, a lightheartedness not often see in the hunting video market.

"We wanted to show a different side to deer hunting, the fun that deer camp is and make the viewer feel involved," explained Jordan. Seven years later, he produces the “Buck Commander” TV series on the Outdoor Channel, with the help of a big crew of friends and colleagues in the industry. The series is in its 5th season. "It's crazy to see how far this company has come since it started in 2006. I was Willie's first employee at ‘Buck Commander’ and now we've added 10 or so more," noted Jordan.

"It's not a club, there are no cliques. Everyone is welcome and we celebrate when anyone brings a deer into camp. That’s what it's all about! It may get crazy at times with this big bunch of guys, but in the end, we are all about having fun," said Jordan. 

Even though Jordan spends most of his time in the woods, behind a camera, or at a desk behind his computer, he still carves out time for his family and, most importantly, for God. He believes that without God in his life, he would not be as blessed as he has been.

"Believe me, I count my blessings every day!  I'm very fortunate to work for ‘Buck Commander.’ I've met some great people, can call them all friends and I have many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life!"

Jordan and Angila live in Calhoun, La., with their 5-year-old son, Rhett.


Mike Miller

Mike Miller has been hunting for almost 40 and started filming hunts in 1997. He has a great portfolio and is one of the best camera men in the industry. His video work has appeared on many of different tv shows and videos, including— Buck Commander, Duck Commander, Wildgame Nation, World Wild Adventures, Hardcore Hunting TV, Exploring The Outdoors, Hunter's Specialties, Hook's Custom Calls Crushing Heads just to name a few.

Mike claims that working for Buck Commander is a way for me to film hunts and enjoy time with great friends to pass the time until the only real hunting season opens in March and that's Turkey season, which would explain the nickname Mike Miller "The Turkey Killer". When not hunting or filming, Mike spends his time with his lovely wife Kelly and stepsons Tylor, Cody and Logan fishing for crappie, bream, catfish or trout on the trout magnet lures.

Mike credits all of his abilities to God Almighty. He says, "For without Him I am nothing! Am blessed to be apart of such a great family as Buck Commander."