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The Crew: Parker Amos

Parker Amos

General Manager

Parker was born and raised in Auburn, Alabama, and attended Auburn University before relocating to Louisiana in the spring of 2022 to work for Buck Commander. He was introduced to hunting and fishing by his grandfather at a young age, which sparked a passion for the outdoors. Parker manages the business operations of Buck Commander while the Buckmen attend to their day jobs. He considers himself fortunate to work for a fantastic organization that aligns with his interests. As a follower of Jesus, he appreciates that the group values faith above all else. Parker resides in West Monroe, Louisiana, with his wife, Freddie.
The Crew: Jordan

Jordan Summitt

Video Production

Born and raised in Arkansas, Jordan moved to Louisiana in 2006 to pursue his dream of filming hunts as the first employee for Buck Commander.  Today his role has changed from being a singular cameraman into leading the production team as they produce our Buck Commander series.  Jordan is also the director of our annual Sportsman’s Camp at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca; where kids ages 13-18 come to learn all about hunting, fishing and the great outdoors!  In the springtime he can be found chasing what he’s most passionate about; turkeys – as part of our Strut Commander brand.  

Even though Jordan spends most of his time in the woods or behind a camera; he still carves out time for his family and most importantly, for God. He believes that without God in his life, he would not be as blessed as he has been. “I count my blessings every day! I’m very fortunate to work for ‘Buck Commander. I’ve met some great people, can call them all friends and I have many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life!”  

Jordan resides in Calhoun, LA with his wife Angila and their two boys, Rhett and Slade.

Ben Mongold

Video Production

Ben Mongold grew up in Concord, North Carolina. As a young man he made weird home movies with a tape camera VHS mixer. With some encouragement from his peers, he pursued these interests and received a bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture and Television Production from Western Carolina University. Although he did not grow up hunting, he has been a life-long outdoorsman. As an Eagle Scout, he found a passion for backpacking, archery, shooting sports, and a respect and appreciation for the outdoors. Ben was introduced to hunting when he applied for a job as a videographer for a hunting outfitter, Wildlife Systems, in San Angelo Texas. After this trial by fire, Ben came to work at Buck Commander in 2011. Ben considers himself blessed to have a job in the outdoors that allows him to travel to exciting and beautiful country. He loves to hunt when he can, but he considers capturing quality outdoor content as the most coveted quarry. Even after ten years on the job, he is still pursuing new techniques and methods to capture “The Story”.

“Buck Commander has been a dream job. I can’t imagine working for a better group of guys, and working with a better crew. It’s been a pleasure to call these men my brothers.”

Jacob Armstrong

Video Production

Jacob Armstrong joined the Buck Commander Production team in 2015.  His quick wit and talent behind the camera and in the editing room made him a perfect fit for this group of misfits.

“I’ve met some really, truly fantastic people throughout my career with Buck Commander, and many of them have turned into lifelong friends. Maybe the best aspect of the job is getting to work with hands down the greatest group of guys out there. Everybody pushes everybody else to be better, but almost no one actually listens.” 

Jacob resides in Nashville, TN with his girlfriend Gina.

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